March 16, 2017

NFWF: A Partnership Project for Conservation and Profitability

Enhance farmer profitability AND water quality by combining precision ag, conservation and business planning tools.

This project will help farmers and agronomists identify areas of fields that could be more profitable if used with conservation practices using comparative field images.The Iowa Agriculture Water Alliance (IAWA) and five partners will use new business planning tools in the North Raccoon, Des Moines, Boone, Lake Red Rock, Floyd, Nishnabotna, Skunk, Upper Cedar, and Middle Cedar River basins to achieve increased farmer profitability and improved water quality. Partners are Heartland Co-op, AgSolver, Iowa Soybean Association Environmental Programs and Services and Pheasants Forever, with the assistance of the Natural Resources Conservation Service.

Visit here to learn more about the NFWF Project and our partners' roles.

Low-yielding money robbers are hiding in every field. Every farmer knows them—the wet spots turned to dried mud or weeds by harvest, the less obvious patches where a yield monitor plunges as the combine moves across them. Now farmers and conservation experts have an eye on those spots as potential areas to improve profitability and water quality.

Until last year, Tim Recker who farms near Arlington, Iowa wasn’t considering using a more precise way of farming. Now he’s part of a trend toward using precision technology to analyze exactly how much money is lost or made from each acre. In some cases, that leads to increased conservation practices for increased profitability.

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